The Mortgage Exterminator

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The Mortgage Exterminator


The Mortgage Exterminator




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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this video.

    I truly believe what you have said

    I contacted my mortgage company about a year ago and asked them about a service they offered . Pay more each month to clear mortgage quicker!!!

    I went through several calculations with them (I am very good at this) and their calculations DID NOT ADD UP???

    When I told the guy on the phone…. He went quiet and then asked how did I come to that conclusion…. I then said I will go through the figures and calculations with you to prove what I was stating.

    After he could clearly see that I was correct, he apologised and said that he don’t know what else he can say….. I told him that I am going to contact the FSA as I believe I am being misled by my mortgage company…. He then apologised again and said that was my decision….

    I know my mortgage is charged interest on a daily basis so I will chase this up again
    Thank you again Nicky

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