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Setting Up A Business Bank Account Or Company Account With Bad Credit

Not so long ago setting up a business bank account or a company account if you had previous bad credit could have been a complete nightmare.  Unfortunately or fortunately depending on which way you are looking at it there are so many people who have got bad credit for example late payment on their credit cards, late mortgage payments also in many cases repossesions bankrupcy or IVA’s.

The good news is that there are still companies that will give you a business banking account or a prepaid debit card no matter how bad things got in the past.  The thing is that the banks have created money to lend from thin air which caused all of the bad credit in the first place.  So lots of people are in the same boat when it comes to a messed up credit report.

I just so happened to stumble upon an article the other day that offers bank accounts for business, limited companies etc and thought that you would be able to find a solution for Setting Up A Business Or Company Account With Bad Credit ..

Although some people who are still not out of bankrupcy or have CCJ’s might have a problem becoming a company director a few blips on your credit file will not necessarily stop you from setting up a brand new company or taking over an old one.  You can find out here how to do a company formation in the UK

For anyone who is dealing or has dealt with credit companies in the past you can find a list of templates when you register free at this site. When it comes to getting your business on it’s feet you need to get started as soon as you can.  As taking no actions towards setting up your business will most likely lead to you getting little or no results from your business.  Successful people dream plan and do so make sure you don’t forget to take the action that you need to take.  If you want to reap rewards from your results sooner rather than later.

Setting Up A Business Bank Account Or Company Account With Bad Credit